There are a number of different best stocks to buy now picking software options out on the market today available to traders looking for reliable picks in the stock market. This is a review of one of the best stock picking programs out available to everyday traders today. Penny Stock Prophet is one of the best stock picking programs on the market today for a number of reasons. One is in how it finds profitable stocks in the first place. It uses a method which mirrors that used by professional traders to anticipate market behavior known as behavioral comparison.

Stock behavior obviously tells you a great deal of what to expect from any given stock, but it’s also very specific and unique to the point if you can find a current stock exhibiting similar behavior of a subsequently well performing stock of the past, you more than likely know how that current stock will act and perform. We don’t have a better way of anticipating market behavior, so this is a very effective method for doing just that, hence it’s use by professionals around the world.

Secondly, I hail this as one of the best stock picking programs because the fact that it’s one of the few programs which only targets lower valued stocks. By their very nature, cheaper stocks are more likely to go on huge jumps in value, so if you can differentiate between the good stocks and bad, you can make a huge profit.

An example of this is the first pick which I received from it which was first valued at 15 cents a share. Thinking it a nice round number, I bought 1000 shares of that stock when the market opened and got on with my own day job. It was until the market closed that I had a chance to check back in on it and found that it had jumped all the way of up 31 cents a share or more than doubling in value in that roughly 8-9 hour span.

There aren’t too many better feelings than seeing a stock which you’re invested in climb at that rate before your eyes. The next day I began to check its performance every half hour as it continued to race at a fast rate than the day before, topping out at 48 cents. It wavered here for awhile before beginning to drop the next day. When all was said and done I had more than tripled my initial investment.

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