There are many ways that fraudsters commit credit card fraud and in this article, we cover the Top 4 cloned credit cards for sale scams that you need to be aware of: This can be an assumed identity fraud where an individual pretends to be someone that he is not. Or it can be a financial scam where an individual provides false financial details in order to acquire credit.

With the advent of modern technology, even the credit card scams have gone high tech. Nowadays, tricksters produce fake credit cards and trick merchants. They also copy information from the magnetic band on the reverse of the credit card, or the information stored on the smart chip. This happens when a card is stolen from the postal service prior to it reaching its owner. Postal intercept fraud has become a less famous aspect of credit card fraud, especially in the EU.

This is primarily due to successful monitoring of those who work for the postal service. Also, the card issuers have also started to take various safeguards such as requiring personal identity confirmation at the point of credit card activation. On the Internet these are fast becoming a common technique of credit card scams for many fraudsters with a proficient aptitude for hacking. They make people provide their credit card details without realizing they have been tricked.

The best way to avoid credit card scams is to be on the lookout for any fraudulent activity. Be alert whenever you are using your credit card. Whenever you give your card to the merchant, keep an eye on it. See what he is doing and take it back as soon as possible. Do not let it go out of sight for too long. You must not give out your credit card number on the phone to someone you do not know. The trickster may call you up pretending to be from the card company or some other company you do business with. Still do not give your card details to him. Insist on calling back on the number you have of the company.

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