The boys and girls brigade movement was founded in Dublin Ireland in 1893. The Find incall service from them brigade is an international interdenominational Christian youth movement which is very vibrant all over the world. The organization has come a very long way since the time of its foundation with several reorganizations to reach to the current status of the movement. The organization has its presence in 60 countries which are usually categorized as follows African, Asian, Caribbean and Americas, European and Pacific fellowships.

The girl’s brigade is governed by several principles and they include the following. First, they acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior and believe in the holy trinity. This is the father, son and the Holy Spirit. The brigade movement seeks to uphold all the standards set by Jesus Christ as well as developing all Christian values for all spheres of life. You will find that the brigade movement promotes a society that recognizes that all people are equal with regard all aspects of existence.

They are very strong principles to live by and in many countries; the movement continues to make a positive impact in society. Like many other organizations, the brigade for girls has a very clear and inspiring motto ‘Seek, serve and follow Christ’. They also have a clear aim or objective which is to help all girls everywhere become followers of Christ lord Jesus Christ, through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment in life. This is a great aim and, they have helped many girls achieve this.

The girls brigade follows several themes which are spiritual, physical, educational and service. The themes spell the word SPES which is a Latin word meaning hope. Each girl in the brigade is said to be hope for the future. If you are a young girl, it is pretty simple to join the movement and, you can do this through your local church. In all Christian worship places you will find these groups and, you can join easily. It is here that girls have met other like minded girls from all over the world. It is a club that will encourage fellowship and bring girls together for a noble cause.

The girls engage in so many projects all around the world and, if you want to know what your local brigade arm is up to, you can go online. Their projects are all about making society better and not forgetting encouraging people to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The girls in the organization are usually divided by years and you will find girls from 4 years to 18. You will find juniors, seniors, brigaders, explorers and leaders.

Like any other organization, you will recognize them with their crest and the uniform their usually wear. Their crest is a registered trade mark and all brigades for girls all around the world can use it. The crest consists of a cross which is the symbol of Jesus Christ. The crest will also have a lamp which shows the girls as being the light to the world. There is also a crown and a torch. They represent the kingship of Jesus and the Holy Spirit respectively.

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