Researchers have shown that inhaling cigarette smoke increases your chances of developing lung and coronary cancer. Did you know that you can IGET Hot Flavours without inhaling cigarette smoke? Not inhaling cigarette smoke reduces the amount of nicotine that is absorbed by your body. This aids in reducing nicotine dependence.

Not inhaling also exposes your lungs to few toxins which reduces the chances of you developing lung-related diseases. Do you want to learn how to smoke without inhaling? Here is how to do it:

After lighting you should smoke the cigarette using air in your mouth. You should keep your throat closed and shouldn’t breath normally. The purpose of doing this is to prevent smoke from getting to your lungs. After taking in the smoke you should close your lips and keep the smoke in your mouth. After the smoke has stayed in your mouth for some time you should open your lips and release the smoke by blowing out.

You should repeat the process by taking another drag. Before you take another drag you should ensure that you release all the smoke from the mouth. You should also ensure that you don’t breathe in before removing all the smoke from your mouth. If you are living with other people you should avoid smoking indoors; you should smoke outdoors in order to reduce the concentration of secondhand smoke.

If you have just smoked indoors and you want to get rid of the smell before other people get into the room, you need to do the following: You should open all the windows in the room in order to let in fresh air. Opening the windows also gets the cigarette smoke out.

If you need to deodorize the room you should mix 2 cups of water, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. You should place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it over the room. You can also create a solution of 1 cup of ammonia per 1 gallons of water and use this mixture to wipe down walls and other surfaces with cloths.

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