Assisted reading can be instrumental in achieving this. This is where you read texts with your child online astrology readings. This offers emotional support to your child. They imitate how you do it thus getting better at reading.

The Neurological Impress Method (NIM) is a method that uses this approach. It was proposed by Dr. Heckelman in 1969. It combines visual and auditory senses with speaking. It’s a fluency strategy backed by research and used with low-frequency readers, the parent being the high-frequency reader. How effective is the Neurological Impress Method?

  • Improves reading fluency

The main objective of this approach is to improve a reader’s speed and accuracy. Your child follows along as you read. Impressed by how you do it, will be motivated to read fluently.

  • Builds confidence

When reading in unison with your child, they feel like they’re reading well. They get the impression that they’ve made a huge accomplishment. This immensely boosts their confidence and inspires a love for reading. It can easily turn them into self-motivated readers.

  • Addresses reading disabilities

Reading disabilities is challenging and deters readers from reading well. These inlude dyslexia, poor decoding skills, attention issues, anxiety, low concentration, comprehension, and confusion. Being close to your child and reading with them keenly will help you note possible underlying issues.

  • Reinforces vocabulary

As you read along with your child, you encounter new words they may ask about later after reading. This grows their vocabulary.

  • Boosts memory

Reading with your child can improve sentence structure memory. By explaining how to punctuate and answering any questions posed after reading, you increase their knowledge. They may get these structures right the next time they read. They will read them with ease. What strategies are used?

  • Use reading-level books.
  • Read the same text simultaneously or almost simultaneously with you the parent leading and the child lagging slightly behind.
  • Both of you point to every word you read. Ensure fingers are pointing to the very word you are saying.
  • Be seated very close to them where they can clearly hear how you say every word. Preferably on their right side and close to their ears.
  • Read words loudly and at a pace comfortable with the student. You can gradually increase the pace when they start to read more fluently.
  • Follow the sentence structure well. Get questions, statements, and commands right. Follow punctuation rules but it’s okay for the child to miss this.
  • Don’t distract the child by teaching other reading aspects like sentence structures, decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary. These can be explained later if need be.
  • Re-read sentences until stability is achieved.
  • When the child’s fluency has improved, finger-word coordination can be gradually avoided. Also, the child can be the one reading aloud and leading while the parent slightly lags behind and lowers voice.
  • Avoid much pressure on your child. Use short sessions and content that aligns with their level.
  • Compliment your child always.


This method is powerful and effective in that it uses multiple senses and emotional support to help a child read well. It’s easy to implement when you have the right books at your disposal. Buy appropriate books or use assistive technology and reading programs to access these books. Follow the right steps and see your child be a competent fluent reader within no time.FAQs

  • What is Neurological Impress?

It’s a teaching method meant to improve fluency.

  • Is the neurological impress effective?

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