A new year and a bad economy adds up to more email Report Scam and get your money back than ever. I’m sure now you are getting hit hard with the promise of big winnings from bogus contest. These are called phishing scams and they are hoping you give them your information so they can steal your identity, take money from you account, open up loans in your name and more. Look, it is simple, if you don’t sign up for a contest then you can’t win one.

But, that is not all you need to worry about. There are email scams out there that will steal your email password. Some emails will have links that seem to be OK but it will lead to a video. When you try to play the video you will receive a fake error message asking you to install Adode Flash player 10 to see the video. It gives you a link and when you link click it that is when the Trojan “SSL stealer” uploads and and swipes you personal information. So never open any email videos from unknown senders. If you need a newer player to view something just go to the site on your own and not use the link they provide.

Winning none existing contest is not the only way you can be a victim of phishing scams. Some will go as far as telling you that you are a beneficiary of someone that has just died and for you to contact them with your information. It is hard to believe that someone would fall for this one because there is no way to know who someone is just by their email. Others will ask you to help them more some money around from one country to your country and promise to pay you a nice sum of money to help them out. Believe me, no one is that desperate that they would trust a complete stranger to move large amounts of money around for them.

Some will even go as far as to pretend they are a Christian person in order for you to trust them more. It is shameful to use God in any email scams or scams in general. But if you are a scammer then I guess that just don’t matter to you. So please be careful when you check your emails. Not everybody is going to send you phishing scams but you just never know. The general rule of preventing yourself from becoming a victim of email scams is to only open messages from people you know of or opportunities that you personal sign up for. If you never heard of them then delete it immediately.

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