Online dating services do not always screen their members. get scam refund This practice creates an open door for people to be scammed because other member’s information has not been verified and might not be creditable. Anyone can download a picture and claim it is truly themselves. Some scam artists use pictures of handsome men or beautiful women downloaded from the internet to misrepresent themselves, although this is only one widely used scam read on to learn more.

There are different types of online dating scams. They include prostitute, phone, travel, and Nigerian postal scams. Each scam has different characteristics but the main goal is the same with each one, benefiting from innocent people.

Phone scams are when a member will ask an innocent person to call them. The fraud begins when a member calls, now the other person has a phone number to use for any purpose. They will make calls and have the charges sent to the phone number provided. The innocent person will not find out about the charges until they get their monthly bill.

Nigerian scams have different aspects with different types of scams. There is not currently any United States firms protecting citizens from Nigerian scams. That makes the most of the citizens’ easy prey. The person creates a relationship while pretending to be an American. The Scammers, eventually will have to do business overseas. Once there, they will run into financial issues. They need your help to get money sent to them.

Here is how to protect yourself from being scammed. Avoid contacting anyone with a sexy screen name. Look closely at all profiles, people who are out to use others are very vague about themselves. Avoid falling for a pretty face. Members who appear to be beautiful or handsome attracts more people, they use the attractive looks to scam innocent people.

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